Love’s in the Hair: Why you Need to Get Hair Transplants this Valentine

The month of love, February, is a romantic time of year that every couple looks forward to with passion and excitement. Among all the hassles of life: career, academic, and filial stresses, the 14th of February is a reminder of that sweet summer kiss that is now buried in an obscure frame in the past, that despite its distance, rekindles the fires of juvenile love. There is far more meaning to Valentine’s Day than is credited, but the most important consequence of the fleeting day is a flashback to the good times and a wake-up call that we often hang up on annually. This Valentine’s Day, in the final year of the decade, it is your time to reclaim your youth, your moment to shine, and your opportunity to bind your love with your partner. Let lo0se the tight-fitting dress of decorum and responsibility and make this day about you and your significant other. Here is why you need to get hair transplants this Valentine.

What are hair transplant procedures?

Hair transplants are a minimally invasive surgical procedure that happens to be the single most efficient treatment to baldness. The technique relies on displacing follicular units from regions of stable growth such as the back of the scalp and placing them in the recipient site. With high success rates, hair transplants yield outstanding results for patients that are 100% natural looking and most importantly permanent. Within months, your hair growth will begin and become most prominent by the one year mark. FUE transplants, Sapphire FUE, in addition to OxyCure as an additional treatment is an excessively successful procedure with no visible scarring.

Are hair transplants exclusively for hair loss?

Hair transplants are the main procedure and technique of generating growth in the scalp and body areas. More specific locations such as eyebrow and beards are very popular requirements for hair restoration as well. Particularly beard transplants, the restoration of facial hair has magnificent effects on self-esteem for most main, know what to get with your hair transplants this valentine.

Why opt for hair transplants this Valentine?

Around 50% of men are predicted to experience hair loss to some degree at one point in their life. The social effects of baldness and disconnected beards are daunting and place the individual in a downward spiral of self-loathe and hate. The negative feelings mitigate to adversely stain your love life, career, and social life. Nothing mends the broken pieces of a relationship like a self-esteem boost that adds a sprinkle of positivity to your everyday life. Improve your love life by giving you a higher value of self-worth. A hair transplant, as reported by our patient, spices up your relationship, makes you appear more attractive and likewise, opens so many doors for you. Lots of research studies, both the emerging and the archaic, have proved that men with glamorous hair tend to be more successful and more approachable. Instead of getting your makeover the traditional way in your native hometown, here is a different approach to hair transplants that can surely change your entire mindset and revive your soul.

valentine in Istanbul


Hair transplant in Istanbul

Book an online appointment with the Vera Clinic, that is free of charge for a consultation with a medical specialist. Back and forth on conversation, you’ll have your case assessed and treatment plan coordinated. All you have to do is pack your items after approval, and the rest we manage. From accommodation to transportation and translation services, all the details that will have you treated like royalty. Not to mention an opportunity to recover in magical İstanbul, all the sightseeing, spiritual healing, and delicious food to try. İstanbul is known to be a colorful vibrant city with a tint of archaic Ottoman energy held within the structures and architecture of the country.

It’s time to put an end to the darkness because YOU deserve BETTER. This February 14th, celebrate by opting for hair transplants this Valentine.

Benefits of hair transplant

1- Increased self-esteem

It goes without saying how a good head of hair can make a man feel. Empowerment, dominance, and vitality: a hot package! From Liam Hemsworth to David Beckham, football players and actors all asset dominance and self-expression through their hair. Let all the cuts and all the styles speak what you are to the world.

2- Better opportunities

Men with good hair appear far more trustworthy, approachable, and charismatic, so the research says. The way a mane of hair can impact your countenance is significant. In addition to the boosted confidence, you are certain to land any role or job position you desire.

3- Better social life

Have you noticed what the upper class have most in common? It’s good looks. Good looks can take you so far in life. Your spike or attractiveness will influence the people around you to perceive you as more attractive and much younger. In general, looking young, healthy, and successful is a recipe that’ll draw positive attention to you and grow your social circle.

Benefits of hair transplant in Turkey

1- Affordable

Hair transplants are affordable and not for the negative connotations you hold. In comparison to the cost of life in Turkey, the prices of hair transplants are similar to those in the UK and Europe when contrasted to the cost of living in said countries. It’s a matter of perspective, but as a medical tourist, this is a golden opportunity for you to claim.

2- high-quality medical care

As the hair transplant capital of the world, Turkey has evolved accordingly to match the title in every aspect and medical included. The cutting-edge technologies offered in Turkey particularly at the pioneering Vera Clinic, are extraordinary in terms of efficiency.

Contact the Vera Clinic

In conclusion, hair transplants this valentine will ensure a better one for you next year. Men with hair are scientifically proved to appear far more accomplished and hence desirable. Contact the Vera Clinic to learn more about the benefits of opting for hair transplants this valentine.

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