Laser hair therapy: benefits and uses

Laser hair therapy is a technology that aims to revive dormant follicular units through photon irradiation. While the technique is effective, often times it has to be complemented with an alternate treatment such as hair transplants for outstanding results. Post hair transplantation, follicular units are weakened as a result of the trauma of relocation. Although, hair growth will presume naturally after a hair transplant, exposing the transplanted follicular units to photon radiations stimulates their growth and has a significant role in hasting their recovery.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is a photon-assisted treatment that stimulates damaged or weakened follicular units through increasing circulation and follicle metabolism, which terminates hair loss and increases regeneration. Many of our everyday habits pose a negative impact on our hair without our knowing. Factors such as tress, diets, use of hair products, an styling, can be destructive towards the protein fibers in our hair. In certain situations, the elements impacting the brittle strands are inevitable as is the case with aging and disease. To bring life back to their luscious locks and have them vibrating with health, many patients who suffer hair loss choose to opt for laser therapy coupled with additional hair loss remedies for optimal results.

How does laser therapy increase hair growth?

The procedure constitutes of a helmet that patients wear which irradiates photons all around the scalp, pain and discomfort free.
The photons are absorbed by weak cells, and the energy boost stimulates blood circulation in target regions. Consequently, follicular units receive more nutrition and oxygen promoting growth and proliferation. Through the sessions, noticeable changes in thickness and shine will be noticed. In addition to reversing hair loss, laser hair therapy has the ability to resolve dermatological problems in the scalp, such as excess sebum and irritation, and completely terminate them.

How many sessions are necessary to observe results?

There is no standard period of treatment, each case varies from one person to the other. Generally speaking however, anywhere between 12 to 14 sessions are advisable for significant improvement in hair growth. With each session being around 20 minutes long.
Once you complete your laser therapy, hair loss will be considerably reduced, hair growth will increase, and your thickness and shine restored.

Benefits of laser therapy?

As an effective treatment for hair loss, laser therapy is a new favorite for its numerous benefits. For one, it provides a boost of strength for brittle hair restoring its vitality. Moreover, the treatment tackles issues such as dandruff and completely eliminates its occurrence in addition to resolved various other scalp conditions.
With its biggest benefit being its ability to reverse baldness in both men and women. Emerging research on the technique, provides scientific proof of its advantages.

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