How to plan a trip to Turkey for hair transplant

It is time to close our series with a post that would guide you on how to start off your trip to Turkey for hair transplant, which is probably the most challenging part in the process.

After finding out you’re a good candidate for the surgery, choosing the right clinic surgeon and treatment, skimming through the pre and post surgery instructions it is time to begin planning for your trip.

To begin your trip to Turkey for hair transplant, contact your clinic of choice for a free virtual appointment with a medical specialist. During the consultation session, your medical specialist will ask you for a picture of your scalp and a recent hair loss diagnosis results. Based on the pictures and test result they will determine your candidacy from the comfort of your home.

  • Step 2: Book your flight ticket

If it turns out that you are indeed a candidate, you can arrange with your medical specialist to book you an appointment for surgery. Your next step is to book a flight and wait until your arrival date.

  • Step 3: Arrival to Turkey

Most clinics in Turkey offer airport meet and greet services. Upon arrival, a staff member and a driver assigned by your clinic of choice will greet you from the airport, and based on your comfort, they will either drive you to the hotel to straight to the clinic for an in person consultation with your doctor.

  • Step 4: In person consultation

 This will either take place on the day of your arrival or the day after depending in your time of arrival. During the consultation session, your doctor will run a general blood test and clinically scan your scalp’s condition to finally confirm your candidacy.

  • Step 5: Surgery

After your consultation, you will admitted for the surgery. A hair transplant surgery consists of a few steps beginning with hair line design and followed by, shaving, admission of local anesthesia, extraction phase, and finally implantation. The process will las up to 8 hours, with breaks in-between each step.

  • Step 6: Clinical washing session

The day after surgery you will be called for a clinical scalp washing session. In this session nurses will gently wash you scalp with shampoos containing clot dissolving materials. After they session you have officially completed your hair transplant process.

  • Step 7: Tourism 

You are free to choose to either travel back home or spend a few days in discovering the country. However, most patients choose the latter and extend their stay to a few days to enjoy the culture, the food and the monuments.


In closing:

We hope you have enjoyed our series about hair transplantation. We, also, hope it was of use and help to you. Hair transplantation is a successful surgery if done right that can boost your confidence and turn your life around. So, know if you’re a candidate, choose the right clinic and technique, view the pre and post surgery instruction, and kick start your journey to Turkey.

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