How is Hollywood smile achieved?

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Unlike the several trends that society imposes on us, having a perfect set of pearly whites is not purely marketing. On the contrary, the attention we inherently give to our teeth is not arbitrary. Teeth, aside from their function, serve as an indicator of our general physical mental health. In other words, they reflect our worth as a potential partner. Hopefully this explains the importance of dental care and the increasing popularity of the Hollywood smile. Without further ado, let us reveal to you how one achieves a Hollywood smile.

What is a Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile refers to the ideal designer smile most celebrities and models have. The smile includes a certain set of characteristics which include a set of pearly, bright, aligned, and gap-free whites. Although the standards might seem unrealistic, some people are born with a Hollywood smile. To word it differently, the world my be unjust, but there is nothing we can do about it.

Discolored and damaged teeth automatically put us off. The quality of our teeth reveals much more than we would like it to about our personal physical and mental states. For instance, we subconsciously associate gaps and lost teeth with disease and malnutrition. The same goes for decay and discoloration, we translate them to poor hygiene. In the social world, as unjust as it may seem, one cannot get by with a bad smile.

The wold has worked that way for millions of year. Generally, and science vouches, a poor diet, mental state, and environment will eventually take its toll on your teeth. The years of evolutionary advantage helped set our mentality to scrutinize our partners for a better gene pool and higher survival rates of future generations.

How to achieve the perfect set of pearly whites? 

Teeth whitening

This is for those with already aligned teeth. The treatment implements bleaching gels that do not damage the enamel. Most patients worry that teeth whitening gels will permanently mutilate their enamel, and hence shy away from the treatment. However, that is far from the truth. The enamel covering our teeth is porous permeable layer, that allows bleaching agents to penetrate and target stains entrenched beneath them.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are cap like structures that are placed on top of damaged teeth. The material from which the crowns are made varies. However, zirconia is currently the best of the best. The prerequisite for dental crowns is to have an eaten away tooth. The requirement is to ensure the crown is secured in placed.

Crowns can also replace lost teeth and fill gaps. The structure by which this happens is known as dental bridges. Dental bridges are a set of crown connected together.

Dental implants

Implants are a two part unit that replaces lose teeth. It colonists of a titanium root entrenched in the jaw bone and a crown that goes on top. The crown is again made of a variety of material with the most popular being zirconia. The treatment is slightly more expensive than dental bridges and is popularly used to replace individual teeth.

In summary 

Blame the evolutionary advantage of having an ideal set of pearly whites. However, at the end of the day, it does make sense. At least now, the standards are easily achievable. If you suffer from discolored teeth, visit your dentist for a teeth whitening session without compromising on your enamel. Your problem is decayed and damaged teeth? Dental crowns have your back. You lost your teeth and want to replace them? That is no longer a problem with dental implants.

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