Choosing the right clinic and surgeons for hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant is somewhat like art, the secret for success lies entirely between the fingertips of the surgeon. However, unlike art, hair transplantation is a medical procedure whose results rely, as well, on the hospital and medical crew alike. Although the purpose is rarely ever for health issues and mostly for aesthetics; hair transplantation is still a complicated procedure that certainly needs to be taken seriously. So, to make sure you achieve the full potential of the surgery, choosing the right clinic and surgeons for hair transplant should be your next focus after determining your candidacy.

We are here today to show you just that, listed below are factors upon which you should judge your clinic of interest.


What to look out for


Possibly the first thing you should pay attention too. Accreditation is a measure of the quality of medical care being presented at the hospital. Although the Turkish government runs spontaneous inspections on its clinics, it’s still your duty to double check.

The Turkish government has made a list of all the accredited health tourism Turkish hospitals. If you could not find the names of the hospitals the clinic you’re interested in is collaborating with, well then maybe you should reconsider your choices.

If you want to go that extra mile, check if the hospitals have the seal of approval from international boards. There are non-profit organizations that operate for this purpose, such as the JCI and ISHRS. On the websites of those organizations, you can search for the hospitals who have earned their approval.

Google reviews

If feedback from past patients ever came to life, it’d probably be in the form of a precious stone. Reviews from previous patients are the diamonds of the virtual world. Comments coming from first-hand experiences are critical as they are the most trusted source of quality rating. Make sure you go through the google reviews of your clinic of interest to get an idea of what the real experience is like. Also, depend on the Google star ratings, to be on the safe side, choose clinics that have a star rating between 4.5 to 5.

Before and after pictures

You probably already know that the results of a hair transplant depend on the skill of the surgeon. However, there is not much information on HOW to find out. Luckily, you do not have to submit your scalp and pray for the best. If the clinic does not already provide before and after pictures, then request photos and judge for yourself. One image is not enough proof, and neither is 10. Ask for tens of pictures to make your judgment.

Any clinic that operates above board and employs skillful surgeons will have a catalog of pictures ready for exhibition. No clinic would eclipse its successful results without documenting them.


In closing

To get the results you desire, you need a qualified team with the proper skill and standards of quality. However, that is not as confusing as you might think, choosing the right clinic and surgeons for hair transplant has never been easier, thanks to nonprofit organizations such as the JCI and ISHRS, you can check if your hospital of choice presents the proper medical care qualifications and standards with a swift of a finger. Additionally, you can skim through before and after pictures of previous patients and read reviews on google from past patients to get an idea what kind of service the clinic actually provides.

Once you find a clinic up to your standards, you’re on for the next ride which revolves around choosing the right hair transplantation treatment.





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