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Bosley is a reputable hair transplant centre based in the heart of Beverly Hills that later ramified its branches over a four-decade period to expand its limits in the region and dominate the scene of American hair transplantation. Although relatively well known in the USA, Bosley, similar to alternative hair transplant centres in the area, are financially out of reach for many. While the news may bear with it an air of negativity to you, like a dark cloud, there is always a silver lining.

Your Bosley hair interests and dreams are attainable for much lower costs on another continent, in a different country, encompassed between the walls of an alternative hospital, and between the hands of equally experienced surgeons. The prospects of claiming a dream at comparatively accessible financial requirements do not necessarily correlate with poor quality.

In the following article, the Bosley hair transplant centre will be carefully dissected and analyzed under a scrutinizing lens to bring into picture the closest comparative for a better cost to quality ratio.

Bosley hair transplant techniques

The hair transplant treatments offered at Bosely oscillate within the average range of the first technique invented (FUT) and the consecutive treatment (FUE.) In terms of modernity, the methods offered at the Bosley hair transplant centre can be considered archaic in terms of how far advanced the current field has progressed in the past decade. Traditional FUE, may in comparison to FUT, provide benefits far beyond the realm of expectations. However, change is inevitable, with knowledge grows potential, and the confinements of the possible are pushed back, allowing room for more efficient and practical techniques.

Follicular units extraction (FUE) for its time provided a near-magical remedy for those who could not disregard the side effects of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) which constituted visible scarring and nerve damage in the treated area.

Through enhanced alterations inflicted on the extraction phase, side effects such as was listed above were mitigated by the at-the-time cutting-edge-technology of FUE.

How technologically advanced is Bosley?

To deny the high expertise and calibre the Bosley hair restoration centre operates at, would be very unjust and biased. Bosley is famous for its above-board practices and skilled surgeons and high-calibre medical team. The comparison in terms of technology resonates around the techniques the hair restoration centre implements to where the realm of hair transplants peaked.

Follicular unit extraction was first invented in 1988 and the medical realm of surgical hair restoration, satisfied with the subsiding of significant side effects that were to tail a hair transplant prior to FUE, postponed or rather classified the need for progress as secondary in importance. However, the incompetence of FUE was becoming all the more apparent in comparison to the rapidly advancing medical field. Technologies that laser-focused on the remnant stages of the technique and elevating them according to modern requirements of the avant-garde have emerged to bury FUE as a method of the past. 

That being said, in terms of leading-edge innovations and technology practised, Bosley remained in 1988.

What are more advanced technologies for surgical hair restoration?

More efficient techniques would encompass Sapphire FUE, a modern protocol that environs the details the transition from FUT to FUE overlooked. A hair transplant technique compromises three primary phases: The extraction phase, channel opening, and implantation.

Channel opening is a monumentally crucial step in the procedure that can drastically impact the final results. How adjacent the incisions are, and the rate by which they are opened or created is what navigates the final results towards perfection. Sapphire FUE utilizes knives made from Sapphire stone, which owing to its exotic and scarce properties, creates sharper knives of significantly smaller surface areas. A smaller surface area requires less force to penetrate the scalp, which translates to higher incision rates and less damage to surrounding tissue. The latter allows for a compact incision making plan that gives the final result an appearance of density and volume. In addition, Sapphire blades are transparent, which impacts precision significantly.

Bosely hair restoration options for women

Hair restoration for women who suffer female pattern hair loss varies from those avaialble for men. Female pattern hair loss cannot be treated surgically with hair transplants due to the unpredictable and sporadic attributes of the condition. That being said, the condition is treated either by oral medications and daily-use serums or therapy sessions that stimulate growth and resolve the progress at a molecular level.

Such treatments are laser hair therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP.) Each of the techniques operates uniquely. PRP therapy, for instance, withdraws and separates growth factors (proteins that act as extracellular signals to activate a versatile array of metabolic activity), from the blood to inject them in the scalp where they promote growth and terminate the progression of androgenic alopecia symptoms.

Laser hair therapy opts for a different approach, one that is not invasive. Using laser-emitting diodes, the wavelength-controlled laser is projected on the scalp to activate a multi-step cellular cascade that terminates the molecular narrative of androgenic alopecia.

Supplementary hair transplant treatments offered at Bosley

Supplementary hair transplant treatments are treatments that the patient is administered to after surgery that aim to boost the effect and the success of the operation to the best possible. Offered at Bosley are PRP therapy and laser hair therapy. It is important to note that both PRP and laser hair therapies were not initially designed for this purpose; however, provided their versatile effects, were soon globally accepted for this purpose.

Laser hair therapy and PRP therapy are adopted by many hospitals worldwide for their significant impact on the treatment, such as better hair growth and faster wound healing.

Supplementary hair transplant treatments offered at the Vera Clinic

The Vera Clinic offers traditional Laser hair therapy and PRP therapy as individual treatments as well as adjunct treatments to hair transplants. On top of the conventional treatment options, the Vera Clinic offers a cutting-edge technique called the OxyCure. OxyCure, unlike laser hair therapy and PRP therapy, was not invented for an alternative purpose and had its application later expand to the realm of surgical hair restoration. In other words, because it was exclusively designed for this purpose, OxyCure tails all the flaws in the hair transplant process to ensure an immaculate finish. A 98% graft survival rate from the typical 70%.

Hair transplant cost at Bosley

A hair transplant at Bosley ranges between $4000 to $16000, with the lowest price tag set on the archaic and nearly extinct FUT technique. While Bosley is an excellent centre that operates above-board and has a highly professional staff, $16000 is not an amount that can be dropped casually.

The Vera Clinic, a hair transplant centre based in Istanbul, could deliver equally professional services utilizing cutting-edge techniques in a state-of-the-art facility for the price of $4000 that would secure you a FUT at Bosley.

Although the price differences are a source of doubt to patients, the discrepancy between the tags is the result of more complex economic matters.

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