5 health benefits of braces

Although orthodontics is mostly attributed to aesthetics, its benefits, in reality, go beyond looks. It may not be very commonly known, but the misalignment of teeth initiates a chain of dental problems that cause your oral health to deteriorate over time. As a result, braces have become popular among people.


Health benefits of dental braces


1– Prevents cavities and gum disease


The crevices that misaligned teeth cause are ideal hiding places for food particles and consequently bacteria. For one, the nooks are dark and damp, a perfect environment for bacterial growth. Secondly, the crannies are out of reach for bristles. As a result, bacteria consume the left behind food particles and release acidic byproducts that wear off the enamel, and cause gum disease and cavities.

Braces re-align the order of teeth so that the crannies and the nooks do not exist and no longer serve as hiding places for food particles and bacteria. In other words, the risk of cavities is lower with aligned teeth.


– Improves your speach

Speech depends on air from your lungs that is then directed by your jaw, facial muscles and tongue to create specific sounds. The way the tongue works in translating air to particular sounds is by placing itself on your teeth and as a muscle alter the direction of air.

When teeth are crooked and misaligned, the way the tongue leans on them will change so that even the sounds are not the same. Moreover, crooked teeth cause holes between teeth through which air can escape, altering speech.

3– Eliminates digestive problems


Teeth function as calcium food grinders, that help your stomach with digesting food. Although we commonly assume digestion all begins in the stomach, it does not. In reality, the process first starts in your mouth, with teeth and saliva to be exact. Saliva contains enzymes that help break down food particles, a process made easy by the grinding of teeth.

With crooked teeth, the chewing process becomes far more difficult so that grinding food to fine bits is physically impossible. With more significant chunks of food, your stomach will have a harder time breaking it down. Moreover, the nutrients absorbed will be lower, which in turn will affect your overall health.

Braces fix this problem by straightening teeth for effective optimal chewing and better digestion.


4– Prevents bone erosion

Over time, if tissue and bone are left without pressure and mass to support, they go into erosion. With crooked teeth, the pressure and weight of the teeth is not directly exerted on the tissue underneath it. Bone erosion is an even more significant problem with misalignments that yield gaps. As a result the jaw tissue wears off. Similarly, the tissue erodes when, due to misalignment, the pressure is not placed on the jaw bone.

This problem can be entirely eliminated when teeth are spread out the right way so that application of pressure is even across.

5– Eradicates bad breath


Another health problem that crooked teeth cause is bad breath. Again, overlapping teeth create a secret five-star hotel for bacteria. The darkness, the food particles that are out of reach for toothbrushes, and the dampness is just right for its proliferation.

With bacteria comes byproducts which on top of being acidic and rode the enamel, contain sulfur. Sulfur is notorious for being the cause of foul breath.


ottom line

Although the relationship between oral health problems and misaligned teeth may not be apparent, it is a real struggle for people with crooked teeth. From bad breath to speech problems and cavities, the side effects of the nooks and the crannies are a cause of discomfort and embarrassment. Thanks to dentistry, your teeth can be straightened. Which consequently eliminates the side effects that come with it.

If you would like to know more about orthodontics, contact us. We are more than pleased to address your concerns.

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