4 tips for healthy voluminous hair

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Among everyone’s wish list is a head full of luscious locks, and who can blame us. Healthy hair is a sign of health, youth, energy, and an optimistic soul. The significance of hair on the overall appearance of both men and women is the reason the market is stocked with numerous products that claim to strengthen and reverse its damage. However, maintaining healthy voluminous hair is not as simple as squirting some product and calling it a day. The process is much more complex and profound than that. While some are born with naturally lustrous hair, it is not game over for the rest of us. Here are 5 tips to achieve the luxuriant locks of your dreams.


1- Nutritious diet

This is number one on the list. To understand the importance of a healthy diet on your hair growth, envision your body as a machine that produces hair. Now, realistically, your machine needs certain items and building blocks to maintain production. Either of two things can happen: you supply your hair-producing machine with adequate material or you slack. In the former, your machine has sufficient materials to manufacture the hair of your dreams. On the other hand, we have the latter scenario, if you do not supply your machine with the right building blocks, production will not necessarily halt, however, the manufactured hair will not be of quality instead the generated hair will brittle and falls out before its time. This scenario is what happens in our bodies on a cellular level.

Eating diets rich in essential vitamins is guaranteed to give you shiny, thick locks. Include the following vitamins in your food.
  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a significant role in cellular growth and production of sebum ((an oil that moisturizes the scalp to prevent drying of hair). Thereby, you should include it in your diet in moderate amounts. Although vitamin A is vital for growth, overdosing on it can reverse its benefits and make your hair fall.

Carrots, spinach, pumpkins, kale, eggs, milk, and yoghurt are great sources for Vitamin A

  • Viatmin C

Next on the list of vitamins that determine your hairs fate is the citrus Queen Vitamin C. Vitamin C is naturally found in citrus fruits, peppers, guavas, and strawberries. Vitamin C has many roles in the body, and one of them is promoting hair growth. Since it is an antioxidant, vitamin C protects our cells from free radicals which have a reputation for speeding hair loss and aging. Moreover, vitamin C helps our bodies create collagen (an important building block for hair). Just when you think the functions of vitamin C end here, you are proved wrong. Additionally to whats mentioned before, vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron an essential mineral for hair growth.

So while we are munching on tangerines, vitamin C is running battles with free radicals, sacrificing for collagen, and giving a hand out to iron – all to keep our hair from falling.

  • Vitamin E

For those with weak hearts that are now sympathizing with vitamin C, there are good new. Vitamin E has similar antioxidants properties to Vitamin C that fight free radicals to prevent hair fall. We figured you might find peace in knowing Vitamin C is not going solo.

According to a study published in 2010, hair growth in people increased by 34.5% when consuming vitamin E rich foods for a period of 8 months.

Foods that double as delicious snacks and reservoirs for vitamin E are sunflower seeds, spinach, avocadoes, and almonds.

2- The no heat rule

We cannot stress this enough for you, and you have probably heard this a million times before us too, do not use heat on your hair. You might like your hair straight or curled more than its natural state; however you are initiating irreversible damage. Your hair constitutes of an exterior protective layer called the cuticle. The cuticle shields the hair from harmful substances and traps moisture in to maintain the health of the precious locks.

Flatirons and curling irons both expose the hair to high degrees of heat where the cuticle is denatured permanently. Without a protective layer, much like us, hairs become too damaged and brittle. Keeping the application of heat on your hair to a minimum preserves its natural glow and healthy growth.


3- Vitamin supplements 

According to millionaire Tim Gurner, if millennials want to walk in his footsteps towards the millionaire land, we need to save money instead of spending it on Avocado Toast. Bad news if you’re a millennial who simultaneously wants to save money and eat healthy for your hair. Jokes aside though, eating healthy is not within everyone’s reach. Whether due to a limited budget or a tight schedule, a nutritious diet might just be hard to manage.

This does not mean we have to wallow in silence as our hair continues to shed before our eyes, vitamin supplements are here to save the day and your hair. Although it is always better to take your vitamins from food, supplements can do the trick too.

4- PRP therapy

For some, having hair as thick as Merida’s from brave is just unattainable with traditional techniques. Particularly with advanced hair loss, and while you might be losing all hopes, PRP therapy is your silver lining. In certain occasions the cause of our hair loss is genetically predisposed, meaning neither staying away from heat nor eating right will do so much in stopping your hair loss. That is when you should consider PRP therapy for hair growth.

PRP is a shortcut to platelet-rich plasma. This treatment collects plasma from your own blood and injects it through your scalp. Since platelet-rich plasma is basically a pool of growth factors, hair growth is guaranteed.


In summary

Achieving healthy voluminous hair is almost like a jigsaw puzzle, putting the right pieces together will give you the end result. In our case, eating a healthy diet or taking supplements along with staying away from heat should suffice. However, when all else fails PRP therapy will stimulate your hair growth and reverse the loss.





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