3 surgeries dermal fillers can substitute

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The move towards minimalism is not exclusive towards fine arts and fashion. Minimalism and simplicity have become the wave as a lifestyle, as a science, and in the medical field. A great percentage of current technological advancement is minimal in terms of scars, wounds, and effort applied. Surgeries that require lengthy deep incisions are a thing of the past. Because minimalism mimics nature, results achieved with cutting-edge technology yields more natural-looking authentic results. Going under the knife is rather a rhetoric term nowadays, with most procedures rarely requiring the use of a knife.

As is the case with dermal fillers, the modern craze in the realm of aesthetic surgery, the results the minimally invasive techniques produce are extraordinary in comparison to conventional plastic methods.

Below are three surgical procedures dermal fillers can substitute for a lower cost and better results.

1- Facial rejuvenation surgery

Facial rejuvenation surgery is a procedure performed for the incentive of reversing the primary symptoms of aging. Loose skin and wrinkles are the visible signs of your youth bidding you adieu.

The initial approach is to wipe the footsteps of time by pulling the skin back around the face. Since the procedure is permanent, the results are already destined to lose their authenticity to be every bit far from natural looking as time goes on. Our faces continue to be changed and influenced through the years, the procedure you have received a few years back will not blend in with the newly appearing wrinkles and loose skin. Consequently, the combination of permanency and constantly emerging changes is likely to yield unnatural looking results.

The alternative is certainly not to call it quits and raise the white flag to time. Unless of course, you’re loving the accumulative traces of your laughter, tears, and joys through the years.

Dermal fillers are your silver lining. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers constitute a naturally occurring sugar that deteriorates as we grow old. By injecting a boost supply of the sugar, the skin becomes naturally elevated counteracting the deep folds. The sugar breaks down naturally in your body, giving you the opportunity to repeat the treatment according to your different features, preserving the authentic appeal. Since the treatment needs to be repeated annually, with the years and your ever-changing face, the treatment will tackle all the new changes ensuring graceful aging for you.


2- Facial contouring surgery

Owing to Angelina Jolie’s sharp features, the world has come to swoon over masculine bone structures. More definition and high prominence in facial features is the look of the era. With conventional methods, achieving defined facial structures required the altering and modification of the facial bone to achieve the desired look. Because with time, your face evolves and the results look rather plastic not to forget the high possibilities of the surgery going left, the surgical procedure soon lost its allure.

However, since defined cheekbones and jawlines are still desired, facial fillers have won the spotlight. With fillers, you can achieve a jawline sharp enough to cut through diamonds without the need of modifying or altering your jaw bone or the skin around it. Because the primary incentive of facial fillers is to restore volume, it could also be used to add volume. Given the addition of volume around the jaw area and cheekbones, you could achieve a sharper jawline and create the illusion of hollow cheeks with subtle authenticity. In addition, the flexibility of re-designing and altering your jaw or cheekbone structure is possible with fillers.

3- Lip augmentation

Another Instagram trend is full lips which have skyrocketed in desirability in recent years. Instead of silicone injections that often lead to permanent botched results, hyaluronic-acid fillers are here to prove that simplicity is always a winner. Fillers that are temporary, ie include the naturally occurring sugar, are always the safest approach. With the ability to increase volume in certain areas, you have the opportunity to not only augment the volume of your lips but the design and shape of it. You could eliminate a Cupid’s arrow or make it prominent, you could make your lips equal in size or different as you like.

In summary

It is safe to conclude that permanent and invasive procedures in surgery are not desirable in any case. Cosmetic enhancements that are more subtle such as with dermal fillers are the perfect rejuvenating and contouring techniques as opposed to surgical methods. Volume restoration does not function for the mere purpose of rejuvenating your face but altering your facial features as well. The boost of volume can modify features to make them appear bigger. You can achieve fuller lips with the design you desire, higher cheeks and even defined jawbones.


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