3 reasons why medical tourism is popular

Medical tourism is exponentially growing in popularity for various reasons. Below we will discuss the most influential three.

Cost efficiency

The growing demand for cosmetic procedures like hair transplants is exponentially growing. However, one obstacle is blocking patients’ road to happiness and confidence and it is money. Take for example the UK, hair transplants are financially out of reach for so many that FUT is more popular than FUE.

FUT hair transplantation is an old technique of hair restoration that leaves a linear scar and a possibility of nerve damage in the area. Despite the side effects, many would seek the treatment to avoid the depression that comes with hair loss. In countries like Turkey, for example, FUE alone could cost up to $2500.  Medical tourism has opened an escape route for those struggling financially and created a medium for them through which they can receive high-quality medical care at lower prices.

Leisure activities

The list of activities that you can engage in abroad is endless. Depending on which season you choose to undergo your surgery and the geographical location of your country of choice, the activities can vary. An all-year-round available activity is sightseeing. Visiting ancient monuments and reminiscing on empires that are no longer, is a nostalgic experience that words cannot do justice.

Turkey is the perfect choice for medical tourism; it offers an array of activities exclusive to each season. It is surrounded by four different seas that each provides a distinct experience. As a Eurasian country, turkey connects Asia to Europe with a modest bridge, brittle in comparison to the size of the lands, people, and cultures its connecting. West and East, Europe and Asia, Oriental and Caucasian.

“If the world was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital!” – Napoleon

Traditional cuisines

Food is arguably the best part of life, and what most people look forward to. Another perk of medical tourism is experiencing different cuisines of different cultures. The spices, herbs, and even ingredients vary from one place to another. This at times can be an inconvenience in cultures that depend on strong spices and is often fiery, this is where Turkey comes again to prove a point.

Turkish cuisine has the perfect balance where it offers diverse options for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Seasoned just right, it does not burn but is not bland. Not to mention the array of desserts the Turks have to offer, the baklava filled with different types of nuts, the notorious Turkish delights that are sell-your-siblings-to-the-white-witch good, and the syrup covered kunafe filled with cheese that strings as you pull your bites. All the desserts are commonly chased with sips of traditional Turkish tea in cafes overlooking breathtaking views or in time-worn alleys crowded with passersby and elderlies playing Tavla.

In closing

Many are taking advantage of the affordability of cosmetic procedures abroad, however, prices are only one of many factors contributing to the popularity of the trend. For quick recovery procedures like hair transplants, it seems that medical tourism is the ideal experience to couple with it. From discovering cities to trying new food, medical tourism is an extraordinary journey.

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