10 things to consider before going to Turkey for hair transplant

A series exlusive to hair transplant: An introduction

By now, hair transplant has almost become synonymous with Turkey. As the biggest attraction for hair transplant around the globe, deservingly, thousands of patients are turning to Turkey to restore their crown’s glory. However, the process is not a walk in the park; patients often feel lost on how to start off their trip to Turkey for hair transplant, what to consider and what to do.

You wondered, and we delivered, on our blog we will add a series of posts exclusive to hair transplantation in Turkey. The aim of the series is to help you our dear reader plan a rewarding trip to Turkey for hair transplant. 

The series will be in the form of an elimination process, beginning with factors that determine candidacy and ending with a guide to planning a trip to Turkey.

What you should consider

Yes a hair transplant is classified as cosmetic surgery and yes it is minimally invasive, but that does not translate to risk-free. There are ten things that patients should consider to eliminate risks and sail smoothly through recovery.

1- How Turkey dominated the world’s hair transplant industry 

Any awe-inspiring success leaves behind it traces of intrigued minds. Questions of the hows and the whys begin to inherently find a spot in our thoughts. Turkey grew so big that it overshadowed its competitors in the field of hair transplant, an achievement not short of extraordinary, so naturally, your curiosity is building up, and we do not want to keep you waiting any longer. As an opener for the series, we will unveil the secret elements that got Turkey to where it currently is.

2- Are you a good candidate for hair transplant?

Even though hair transplant is classified as cosmetic surgery, it just isn’t for everyone. Regardless of its rapid recovery rates and micro-incisions, a hair transplant surgery is not exactly a one banana task. It remains a medical procedure the patients need to know if they are eligible for. Not every hair loss case is treatable with a hair transplant. In some instances like an autoimmune disorder, patients can still experience hair loss to the same degree even after hair transplantation.

With that, it is reasonable to begin planning for your trip by finding out if hair transplantation is fit for you.

3- How to choose the right clinic and surgeon

This probably ranks as the number one challenge that most hair transplant patients come to face. You hear it all the time, “choose the right clinic,” but without enough guidance, it can be a challenging process. Since we care for you and for the quality of medical care you receive, we will address this point in our series.

4- What technique to choose

The technique you go for has its effects on your recovery period and final results. I mean, all hair transplant treatments will restore your hair and might give you your desired end look. However, certain treatments are better than others in terms of scarring, recovery periods, number of grafts that can be transplanted per session, and even the final result.

After choosing your clinic, view their treatment options and choose what you see is most fit for you. In order to make the choice, you have to have a background on the techniques used, and we did not forget about that.

5- Process overview of a hair transplant

“Knowledge is power,” a common saying that people exchange on a daily basis, however, in this context, it might have a different meaning, a more literal sense. We all know the anxiety that accompanies any medical procedure, and it always seems to be feeding on time growing more prominent with the approaching appointment date.

Well, becoming familiar with the process has a significant impact on shrinking your anxieties and making you feel more prepared for the surgery hence, why knowledge is power – and thus, why we are going to take you by the hand to get deeper into the process from start to end.

6- Pre-surgery instructions

The aim of pre-surgery instructions is to prepare the body for surgery both physically and mentally. The directions your doctor will give you have the ability to reduce surgical risks and complications and increase the chance of a quicker recovery. Have a look at the pre-surgery instructions to know if you are capable of abiding by these instructions or not.

7- Post surgery instructions

More instructions? Yes and we’re sorry if it were up to us we would never. If it helps though, they are very easy to follow, nothing you cannot manage. A hair transplant is a long process that does not end when you leave the hospital and requires consistent aftercare. It might seem insignificant, but in reality, hair transplant aftercare is critical to the results and success of the surgery.

8- Hair growth timeline after a hair transplant

The results of a hair transplantation are not instantaneous. Instead little changes will build up over a 12-month period until the final results appear. However, becoming familiar with the milestones in the hair growth process can alleviate your agitation and mentally prepare you for the changes.

9- Additional treatments to hair hair transplantation

Hair transplant is the only permanent solution to hair loss. The aim of this treatment is to restore hair in areas that lack it, but that is that. Hair transplantation has nothing to do with the strength of your hair or texture, that is something you deal with separately. For that reason, many people couple hair transplantation with certain additional hair treatments for optimal results.

10- How to plan a trip to Turkey for hair transplant

You are not the first person who has considered hair transplant in Turkey only to be consumed with agitation because you do not know where to start. We are here to save you the agitation and effort, We will close off our series with a post that contains all the and will give you the steps you need from A to Z.

In closing

If you want to know the safest way to perform a hair transplant in Turkey, follow our series dedicated just for you. Each part of the series will speak about the points mentioned above, in non-boring detail. The post will be short and to the point, nothing we want more than your peace of mind and a pleasant, safe trip for you. So, stay tuned for the coming posts.

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