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Ben Stokes Hair Transplant: Impact on Mental Health


England cricket captain Ben Stokes recently opened up about how hair loss affected his mental health and how getting a hair transplant has helped him overcome this issue. In this article, we will discuss Ben Stokes’ hair transplant journey, the reasons behind his decision, and address some frequently asked questions about his hair loss, hair transplant, and his perspective on the matter.

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Ben Stokes Hair Transplant Journey

In 2018, Ben Stokes underwent a hair transplant, led by renowned surgeon Dr. Mir Malkani. The procedure involved transplanting 1,800 grafts from the back of his scalp to tackle early signs of receding hairline and crown hair loss. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique was used, known for its fast healing and minimal scarring.

Impact on Mental Health

Like millions of men affected by hair loss, Ben Stokes shared how it had a significant impact on his mental well-being. He expressed his concerns about hair loss from a young age, always noticing it in pictures and footage. Ben’s decision to undergo a hair transplant was driven by the desire to address these insecurities and regain confidence in his appearance.

Addressing the Stigma

Ben Stokes discussed how the stigma surrounding hair transplants is gradually diminishing. He shared that he openly talked about his hair transplant with friends and family, finding comfort in the increased acceptance of these procedures. Ben believes that by being public about his experience, he is contributing to a more comfortable environment for men considering hair transplants.

The Procedure and Recovery

Ben found the hair transplant procedure to be straightforward, despite initially experiencing some apprehension. After the surgery, he experienced redness and scabbing, which are common side effects that subside within a few days. Ben emphasized the importance of meticulous aftercare, following the guidelines provided by the clinic.

Ben Stokes’ Results and Satisfaction

Ben Stokes’ hair transplant has been immensely successful, with many people unaware that he had the procedure. The England cricket captain noted that his teammates have praised the natural and impressive outcome, stating that it is one of the best they have seen. Ben’s new hairline has boosted his confidence and eliminated the need for him to constantly worry about concealing bald spots.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ben Stokes’ Hair Transplant:

Has Ben Stokes had a hair transplant?

Yes, Ben Stokes had a hair transplant in 2018.

Why did Ben Stokes decide to have a hair transplant?

Ben was concerned about his hair loss for a while and decided to address it to regain his confidence.

How did Ben Stokes find the hair transplant procedure?

Ben found the hair transplant procedure itself to be straightforward, though he initially had some worries. However, after a few days, he started to witness the positive changes.

How many hair grafts did Ben Stokes have during his hair transplant?

Ben had 1,800 grafts transplanted during his procedure, focusing on his hairline and crown areas.

What was the cost of Ben Stokes’ hair transplant?

The exact cost of Ben Stokes’ hair transplant is not disclosed, but it is in line with the average price of similar procedures.

Why did Ben Stokes retire?

As of now, there is no official record of Ben Stokes retiring from international cricket. While he has taken breaks or absences from cricket due to personal reasons or injuries, there is no confirmation of his retirement.

When did Ben Stokes move to England?

Ben Stokes moved to England at the age of 12. He was born in New Zealand but holds both English and New Zealand citizenship. Stokes began his international cricket career representing England.

Why is Ben Stokes not playing IPL 2023?

Ben Stokes missed the IPL 2023 season due to an injury. He played two matches for the Chennai Super Kings, but unfortunately, he suffered a toe injury during training, which made him unavailable for further matches.

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Ben Stokes’ decision to undergo a hair transplant has had a profound impact on his mental health, boosting his confidence and eliminating the worry associated with hair loss. By sharing his story, Ben aims to reduce the stigma surrounding hair transplants and encourage men to feel comfortable seeking treatment.

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