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Hair transplants are growing in popularity, since many people are learning about the benefits of travelling overseas to receive the best hair transplant in Turkey. The non-invasive process of a hair transplant is becoming preferable over other treatments, relocating hair from dense areas of growth to areas of hair loss, reversing the balding process and restoring hair growth.

Vera Clinic has a dominant presence in the industry, providing the best hair transplant in Turkey for over 30,000 patients. We take care of our patients every step of the way, organising all transport, accommodation, and any translation services to make the process as smooth sailing as possible for you. All our hair transplant Turkey doctors speak English, as well as Turkish.

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    What is a Hair Transplant?

    If you don’t know much about hair transplants, they are an ideal option for those who are losing hair rapidly and want to hide it. A hair transplant can provide you with a resolution to baldness and is the best long-lasting treatment for both women and men who are losing hair. You might have heard male hair loss referred to as androgenetic alopecia as this is the medical term used.

    A Turkey hair transplant will be performed under local anaesthetic and can be beneficial for those suffering from baldness or thinning of the hair, it can be a cure for baldness and completely cover it up. Lots of men suffer from a receding hairline, for several reasons, including age, stress and common genetics. Many decide to get a hair transplant to hide their hairline and welcome new hair. We are an award-winning hair transplant clinic, based in Turkey. Browse our range of hair transplant Turkey options, including FUE and DHI transplants. All procedures are carried out by our experienced surgeons who have amazing reviews. Find some before and after results to see what we can do for you if you are suffering from a lack of hair.


    Hair Transplant Turkey: Advantages

    A hair transplant in Turkey is popular amongst our patients due to its many advantages. We primarily offer an FUE hair transplant, which is far superior compared to other procedures such as a FUT hair transplant. The nature of the technique comes with substantially fewer risks than alternative treatments and the results prove time and time again to be just as effective. These include:

    • Minimal pain and discomfort following your procedure.
    • Virtually invisible scars to give you a natural looking hair line.
    • Less downtime, allowing you to get back to normality in no time.
    • Ensures natural results with no obvious signs of FUE treatment.
    • Minimal risk of complications compared to other surgical procedures.

    Hair Transplant Techniques

    For those looking to undergo a hair transplant, it needs to be first established whether you are a suitable candidate. Typically, the conditions that influence the decision include having permanent or stabilised hair loss, no blood-borne diseases, no history of poor wound healing and good general health. You will need to be assessed before we start considering you for the procedure.

    To create the best result for a patient, choosing the right kind of hair transplant in Turkey, Istanbul, is essential. The expert team at Vera Clinic will work with you to work out the best technique for you, with some of the most popular approaches being as follows.

    The Process Of A Hair Transplant In Turkey

    When done correctly, a hair transplant in Istanbul at Vera Clinic produces permanent results and a natural look. There are multiple techniques available, with the best hair transplant approach being tailored to the individual, but how does a hair transplant work? Although the procedures differ slightly, each technique follows a similar 6 step approach.

    The hairline will be designed and agreed upon before the day of your hair transplant in Turkey. The border of your new hairline will be marked, ready for you to approve before the procedure begins.

    For certain hair transplant Turkey procedures, the donor area will need to be shaved to prepare it for surgical extraction and reduce the risk of infection. FUE and other variants of this technique will not always require this step, but your surgeon will establish this upon clinical scanning.

    A Turkey hair transplant is carried out under local anaesthetic. This will be injected into both the donor region and the site of the hair transplant.

    Graft extraction varies for each technique but follows a process of extracting the hair from its initial location. For some procedures, this method is straightforward, but others will require a more invasive technique which can cause more scarring.

    Once the hair has been extracted, the follicles are kept in the right conditions to maintain their state. To separate ourselves from our competitors by undertaking the best hair transplant, we sort the grafts to allocate the grafts to their most suitable areas, creating a more natural finish.

    The surgeon will create opening channels by making tiny holes using micro scalpels. These holes will host the extracted grafts and the follicular units will be implanted into them. This stage varies slightly from technique to technique.

    European Awards

    Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey

    If you go for a hair transplant with us at Vera Clinic, you will be impressed with the result. You can trust us down to the range of awards we have won, including the European Award in Medicine 2021 in the Hair Transplant Surgery category. The service quality is premium and at the same time affordable for most people. It’s worth paying for surgery that will boost your confidence and usually last a lifetime. Not to mention, our amazing Turkey hair transplant doctors who have performed the procedures for many years and have talented artistic hands that will take care of your head and hair.

    How to Start Your Hair Transplant Turkey Journey

    Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

    The cost of your hair transplant will depend on some different variables, such as techniques used, the number of sessions you need, other additional benefits you might require and any personalised treatments. Your average hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey will cost about $3000 to $5000. You can browse our range of techniques to pick the right one for you.

    At Vera Clinic, we make sure you have everything you need to be included in the price and this will even include accommodation for your stay and transport. We also offer personalised plans that are bespoke, please get in contact to discuss to book the best hair transplant in Turkey for you.

    Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

    Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After Results of Vera Clinic

    After the procedure, clients will feel a whole new level of confidence and often feel like they have got their old selves back. Hair loss can completely change your look and when you have your hair back, it can feel emotional, and you are bound to feel more attractive. The main benefit of a Turkey hair transplant is the positive change in your appearance, it’s common to have low self-esteem if you suffer from a lack of hair and giving yourself and welcomed boost of confidence is always an amazing feeling. Regain your youthful appearance and you will likely want to take care of yourself even more due to feeling so great. Getting a hair transplant can be a life-changing experience.

    Hair Transplant Recovery In Turkey

    Aftercare is crucial to your hair transplant and something that cannot be ignored. Make sure you follow all the aftercare guidelines recommended by your surgeon. Immediately after your procedure, you will need to be gentle with your head and scalp, you won’t be able to wash your hair for at least 24 hours and not properly for 14 days. The first few times you wash your hair, you will have to be extra gentle and only use aftercare shampoo. The aim is to heal as quickly as possible and avoid infection at all costs. In the case of an infection, you would need to go on anti-biotics, and this would reduce healing time by a lot.

    Not only will you need to be careful with washing your hair, but you will also need to concentrate on some general health routines, like staying hydrated, eating a well-balanced diet, and limiting stress levels so you can heal as quickly as possible. If you experience pain after your hair transplant, you will need to take paracetamol regularly and ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory.

    After the procedure, you will need to take good care of your scalp and you can expect healing to take from 6-12 months, depending on the person. When thinking about how long it will take to recover from a hair transplant, it will differ from person to person. When everything has healed properly, you will be able to see the follicles growing new hair and coming to life, this will fill out the bald patches and the hair will keep growing naturally. The older you get, the more hair the follicles will grow, and most people will only need one hair transplant in their lives. However, on rare occasions, some people need another transplant if the follicles stop producing hair.

    Not everyone who gets a hair transplant will heal at the same speed, but you can expect similar results 7 days after your hair transplant. After a week, you will likely still experience tenderness, itchiness, redness, numbness, and minor pains. Some people will only experience with for a few days after the transplant, but others experience these symptoms for up to a week. It will not be unusual to experience small blood clots around the incision areas by day 10, this can happen from around day 7.

    When it has been 2 weeks since your surgery, there should be no scabs on your scalp left but you might still experience some itching on your scalp. The donor area will still be sensitive to treat it with care, but it will no longer need extra special care. Once you have waited a month, you will start to see the new hair that has grown after your transplant falling out. Your hair will enter a new phase of growth, and don’t be afraid if you are losing hair. It will grow stronger in no time. Two months after your hair transplant most people see more hair, it can be thin at first but will thicken in time. It will not be until 3 months after your hair transplant that you will see a huge improvement in your hair and some progress, you can get a haircut at this stage, but only with scissors, no machines. After 4 months, you will be able to measure your hair at will be approximately 5cm long and looking thicker and denser. Most people won’t feel any irritation, such as itchiness by this point.

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    Turkey Hair Transplant Packages

    At Vera Clinic, we have specific packages that include everything you need when it comes to getting your hair transplant, this makes the experience straightforward and minimises stress. As one of the best hair transplant Turkey clinics, we do all the organising for you. The clinic will provide aftercare equipment and instructions for you and guide you through any steps you need to take after your operation. All your accommodation and transport will usually be included in the costs, you can contact us for the specific details.

    Vera Clinic

    Vera Clinic Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

    Who Is Eligible For Hair Transplant In Turkey?

    If want a hair transplant in Turkey, you must meet the criteria set below.
    Conditions most likely to affect the decision include the following:

    • Have permanent hair loss
    • Your hair loss has stabilized
    • Free of blood-borne diseases
    • No history of poor wound healing
    • Good overall health

    Hair Transplant Turkey Statistics

    750000 Health Tourists Annually

    According to the Turkish Health Care Travel Council, 750,000 health tourists visit Turkey annually. That is around 6,500 health tourists who come for hair transplant Turkey monthly.

    75000 Hair Transplant per year

    Amounting to 75,000 hair transplant procedures per year. Europeans and Russians account for a great percentage of health tourists. And the numbers are to exponentially grow in the coming years.

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    Vera Clinic - Hair Transplant In Istanbul

    Planning Your Hair Transplant In Istanbul

    Choosing the right business for your hair transplant for men and women ensures you visit an accredited hospital to receive the best hair transplant in Turkey. At Vera Clinic, we go above and beyond to ensure all of our procedures are safe, sanitary and provide our patients with a comfortable experience. Here are just some of the reasons that you can count on Vera Clinic for your hair transplant in Turkey, Istanbul:

    • Our own private hospital building with allocated surgery rooms.
    • Accreditation from international medical associations such as TÜV and ISO.
    • A free consultation session to diagnose your case and follow up care.
    • Government-certified surgeons with ample experience in hair transplants.
    • Positive reviews on Google Business from past patients.

    If you are looking to kick-start the process and would like to discuss your hair transplant for men and women with one of our team, book a free hair transplant consultation today. This session will be used to analyse your scalp and discuss goals and donor regions, establishing the best hair transplant for you. If you decide to go ahead with the procedure, we’ll work with you to decide on a date for your appointment and will take care of the rest ourselves. We will arrange your flight, transport from the airport, accommodation at 5* hotels and translation services if required to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible.


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    Hair Transplant Turkey FAQs

    It will depend on the hair transplant you get, but they take about 8-10 hours.

    If you want a hair transplant in Turkey, you must meet certain criteria. Some conditions might affect the decision, these include, permanent hair loss, hair stabilising, you should be free of blood-borne diseases and have no history of poor wound healing. You will likely need overall good health.

    Choosing a trustworthy clinic for your surgery is essential, at Vera Clinic, we have a state-of-the-art hospital, well-respected surgeons and many 5* reviews from patients. You won’t find a hair transplant like ours for such an affordable price anywhere in Europe. Book a free consultation for the best hair transplant Turkey today.

    The hair transplant can cause you some pain after surgery, but this will usually subside after 48-72 hours. The discomfort and pain come from the tightness of your scalp.

    We often get asked ‘do hair transplants work?’ and ‘how long does a hair transplant last?’. If carried out effectively by accredited surgeons, a hair transplant for men offers permanent results. A natural-looking hairline with no hair transplant scar is the sign of the best hair transplant in Turkey. However, in some cases, more than one hair transplant is needed in a lifetime.

    According to the Turkish Health Care Travel Council, 750,000 health tourists visit Turkey annually and 6,500 visits for a hair transplant. Although costs are much lower in Turkey than in other countries, choosing the right hospital to receive the best hair transplant is paramount. A particularly low price can lead to poor quality results, so undertaking thorough research into the provider is important. Generally, a high-quality hair transplant in Istanbul is likely to cost around $3000 to $5000.

    The process of each form of hair transplant in Turkey, Istanbul, differs but do hair transplants work? Yes. The overarching process involves taking hair from dense areas of the scalp to the area suffering from hair loss. The minimally invasive process does not lead to a hair transplant scar and creates a natural-looking head of hair.

    • State of the art facilities
    • A qualified and experienced medical team
    • Accommodation and onward travel included
    • Expert aftercare and patient care
    • High-quality standards of service
    • Permanent, natural-looking results
    • The trusted destination for medical tourists
    • Affordable procedure costs

    Hair transplants will need extra hair, and this will be taken from the back or sides of the head, and in some cases from other parts of the body. Donor hair follicles will come from your own head, not somebody else’s.

    Some people end up needing a second hair transplant and this isn’t recommended until 6-12 months after your first transplant. You will likely need a second session. It’s recommended to go for a second session if you want to achieve more density, address, and new area or broaden your hairline.

    You can get a second hair transplant later in life if your grafts die out, this can happen for a range of different reasons. If you need a second session for a first-time hair transplant, this will likely need to be at least 6 months after the first session.

    You mustn’t take part in any sports or exercise after your hair transplant. You must wait at least 1 week after the surgery to start slowly exercising, and you shouldn’t jump into anything intense. Sweating isn’t helpful for your hair transplant healing and should be avoided for as long as possible.

    A hair transplant can last for a lifetime and for most men and women that undergo the procedure, it does. In some cases, people go through with the procedure then start losing more hair after the transplant, this means they must go for a second session on their hair or get another transplant altogether. This commonly happens to those who are losing hair down to age or genetics, as hair loss is usually inevitable in these situations.

    It will completely depend on the person, but most hair transplants take 5-12 months after the surgery to grow to their full potential. However, some patients are lucky, and they see fast progress and start growing many new hairs in the space of a month. Of course, many welcome early rapid growths and this is a major confidence boost for our patients. Lots of our patients look impressive just 6 months after the surgery.

    Straight after the operation, your hairline will be sore and can become flaky, so make sure you follow all the aftercare guidelines we recommend. Once you have healed, a few weeks after the procedure, you will see new hairs growing along your hairline and filling out your bald patches. The hair that grows back will help to cover receding hairlines and it will look natural.

    No, before you get the hair transplant you won’t need to shave your whole head. However, the medical team might shave parts of your head during the operation, to make it run smoothly.

    The number of grafts you will need for a hair transplant will all depend on how thick your hair is. The quality of the donor hair will also be taken into consideration and help the surgeon decide on how many grafts are needed. On average, a hair transplant will need about 1000 to 3000 grafts to make the hair look natural and realistic. The best hair transplant Turkey procedures ensure that your hair looks natural from the hairline through to the coverage.

    After a hair transplant, of course, your priority is to heal your scalp as soon as possible. To help heal you can apply oils, lotions and suitable moisturisers to the area and leave them for up to 30 minutes before removing them. This will help the scabs to soften and not cause pain or irritation. It will also help you remove dry blood and help the healing process.

    A few weeks after the operation, hair will start to appear, and it might look thin and curly. When the hair starts growing more, it won’t look as curly, it will straighten out. Naturally, the hair will become thicker and start to look realistic. It’s normal to have patchy areas on your head after the transplant, as hair can grow at different times, and it will take time to even out.

    It isn’t recommended to dye your hair soon after the transplant, you need to wait for everything to heal. You will need to wait at least 3 months before dying your transplanted hair.

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