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7 Reasons Why Hair transplant Turkey Is The World’s First Choice

The world’s hair transplant center, Turkey welcomes at least 5000 medical tourists every month. All of whom are seeking the Eurasian country to restore their confidence. Hair transplant Turkey has become more than just a medical procedure. It is an experience that grants patients a new start. A start that is free from self-doubt and worries of incompetencies. Hair transplant Turkey comes with unprecedented benefits and advantages.

Below are seven reasons that helped Istanbul be the world’s biggest hair transplants attraction. Additionally, 7 reasons why hair transplant Turkey is a phenomenal experience and a golden opportunity.

Reasons Why Hair Transplant Turkey Is The Number One Choice 

1- Turkey Retains A Variety Of Clinics For Patients To Choose From

With over 350 hair transplant clinics on its grounds, Istanbul has become the first choice for patients seeking hair transplant surgeries. The abundance of clinics and experienced surgeons in Istanbul allows for the employment of an extensive array of services and medical techniques. Consequently providing patients with the flexibility needed to choose the right clinic based on their standards and requirements. 

Hair transplant centers and hospitals offer medical services on an extensive spectrum of quality. The costs fluctuate closely, however, some hair transplant centers strictly abide by medical guidelines while others breach them. For instance, the Vera Clinic hospital is a prime example of commitment and work ethics.

Whereas alternative hair transplant centers and clinics perform the procedure in clinic rooms, the Vera Clinic hospital operates in fully equipped operation theatres. After all, you have to keep in mind that a day-case surgery like a hair transplant is still a surgery. To have a fruitful and rewarding hair transplant Turkey experience, contact hospitals that operate above board.

2- Cost Efficiency Of Hair Transplant Turkey 

“The average cost of a hair transplant operation in Turkey ranges from $1,700 and $2,000. While the same operation in Britain or the U.S. could cost up to $25,000.”

 Nicole Crowder, The Washington Post

Man being prepped for hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, Turkey
A nurse marking donor and recipient regions on the scalp of a hair transplant patient.

The high prices of hair transplant surgeries are one of many obstacles facing hair transplant patients, especially in the UK and USA, seeking surgery in their homeland. In Turkey, however, hair transplant surgeries cost a fraction of the prices abroad, making it the perfect city for patients on a budget. It goes without saying that the prices are no indicator of the quality and professionalism displayed by hair transplant clinics in Turkey. If the hair transplant surgery costs in Turkey are one-tenth of the price in the UK or USA, the quality of medical care is just as satisfactory. 



3- Istanbul Locally Manufactures Its Medical Equipment

Turkey’s local medical equipment manufacturing has witnessed a rapid rise in recent years. This allows for hair transplant clinics to have access to the latest equipment in the field. In fact, Istanbul is host to a number of global medical expos where manufacturers showcase state-of-the-art motorized procedure chairs, patient monitors, and surgical equipment frequently used to perform hair transplant procedures. Patients can undergo a hair transplant in comfortable seating and at the hands of a specialist with the latest technology.

4- Recovery Is A Dream In Beautiful Istanbul

Shot from the water, Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul: the cultural capital of Turkey.

A short recovery period is one of the many advantages of today’s hair transplant procedures. In fact, most people can return to work a few days after a hair transplant with minimal discomfort. However, it is a good idea to remain within close proximity to your hair transplant team following the procedure. People who undergo hair transplantation in Istanbul usually spend a few more days exploring this ancient city.

Although you should note that remaining within reach of your hospital is not the primary incentive. Patients willingly choose to spend a few days in the city. Istanbul is a magical place with jubilant energy and many places to see. You can visit famous landmarks such as the Blue Mosque, Taksim Square and the Grand Bazaar. As well as eat delicious ethnic foods.

5- Hair Loss Is More Common In Areas Surrounding Turkey

While hair loss is a considerably common phenomenon that can affect both men and women, Middle Eastern men and women, according to statistics, are more likely to suffer from hair loss compared to other regions. This is due to the extremely hot weather and salt content in water in countries of the Middle East and particularly Gulf countries. Turkey being a geographical neighbor makes it easily accessible for middle eastern patients seeking hair transplants. 

6- Medical Tourism Is Growing In Popularity

The medical tourism industry is generally booming in all regions of the world – especially in Europe and the Middle East. Turkey, in particular, is considered to be one of the top five countries for medical tourism and overseas healthcare. And some people choose to travel to Turkey to undergo more than just a hair transplant. Even though Istanbul is popular for hair transplant, there are actually several other procedures that medical tourists come for. destination. Many patients visit Istanbul for other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, facelift, and cosmetic dental procedures.

7- Easy Visa Procedures

Obtaining a visa to Turkey is a very simple process. All you need to do is provide the essential documents in person or you can apply online to get an electronic visa in 3 minutes. For some countries in Europe, a visa is not even required to enter Turkey. 

The Bottom Line

To learn more about the many reasons why people are traveling to Turkey for hair transplant surgery, we invite you to contact us at the Vera Clinic or read our guide to hair transplants. Our medical specialists will address all your concerns regarding hair transplant generally and hair transplant Turkey specifically.

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