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5 Reasons To Choose Vera Clinic for Hair Transplant in Turkey

5 Reasons To Choose Vera Clinic for Hair Transplant in Turkey

As the hair transplant capital of the world, Istanbul is home to over 350 hair transplant clinics. And while this massive number of clinics meets the needs of thousands of patients flooding in on the daily; it simultaneously makes the process of  choosing the right clinic very difficult for patients. Here are 5 reasons that make Vera Clinic stand out from the rest.


1- Internationally accredited:  

We are proud to say that not only are the hospitals and surgeons we work with locally certified, but we have also earned the seal of approval from the Joint Commission international (JCI).  

We cannot stress this enough for patients around the globe. Whether patients are seeking treatment in local clinics or clinics abroad, the first precaution measure they should take is checking the credibility of the clinic. Government and international certifications are major indicators of the qualification and expertise of the medical staff.


2- Free consultation sessions: 

We offer free online consultation sessions to international patients interested in performing hair transplantation at our clinic. During the consultation; doctors will ask patients to share their medical history, send pictures of donor and recipient areas, and send a copy of recent results of a hair loss diagnosis. According to which, doctors will evaluate and determine a patient’s eligibility from the comfort of their homes.  


3- A state-of-the-art hair transplant facility: 

Our surgeons are careful to strictly employ cutting-edge techniques that yield utterly successful results in the field of hair Transplant. We have completely abandoned old-school methods such as FUT, to substitute them with more modern techniques such as FUE and Sapphire FUE that leave no scarring and have quicker recovery rates.  


4- Extensive patient care:  

We consider every patient that seeks our medical care a valuable member of our Vera family, to whom we extend our care and services beyond distance. Our team of surgeons and doctors are dedicated to devoting their time and attention to our hair transplant patient’s post-surgery. For our patients to have an easy recovery is a priority to us, and the medical staff at Vera Clinic is beyond pleased to assist our patients until the very end.

We also offer our patients a complementary PRP therapy session to accentuate the results of the surgery and an aftercare kit that contains special shampoos, lotions, and medicines to minimize healing time.  


5- Experienced Team: 

We are aware of the impacts a failed hair transplant procedure can have on patients’ lives; and as a result, we are careful to exclusively work with doctors of high caliber in their field of specialty. Vera Clinic is proud to announce that working among our team of doctors is the reputable hair transplant surgeon Dr. Kazim Sipahi. Patients can rest assured they are in safe hands.


In short:  

Vera Clinic is delighted with the positive impact it was able to make on thousands of lives. And also proud of how much our Vera family has grown in the last 14 years. The ethical work nature of our medical staff, our commitment to constantly advance and offer the best, along with the standard and quality of care we present remains a point of pride to us.


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