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4 Things You Should Do To Optimize Hair Transplant Results

Hair transplants are long term results which require maintenance. In other words, it is a project that does not end once you walk out the hospital with a new hair line. There are things you should do optimize hair transplant results and others you should avoid like the plaque. Read a long to know the secrets to a successful recovery.

Why does it matter

While we all wish our desires and dreams could come true with a snap of a finger, it is unfortunately not possible. Understanding this key point here is crucial before submitting your scalp for a life changing makeover. The majority of those who undergo hair transplants do it for the successful results without realizing it is a commitment. The ideal mindset is to think of your hair transplants as a child (both are a financial drain, both require attention). With care and delicacy, it will grow to eventually be independent. Although it might seem like a hassle, its important to remember it is only for a few months. Once your hair grows, you get to enjoy a mane of beautiful healthy strands.

Now to get to the bottom of things, why is it important to care for your transplanted hair? Because you might not have another chance. Hair transplants depend entirely on your donor regions and the supply is finite. To word it differently, if you do not make the most out of your donor hairs the first time, odds are you will never have a second chance.

Five tips to optimize hair transplant results

1– Follow aftercare instructions

Aftercare instructions are very initial for your progress. Particularly in the first few weeks. The major points are to avoid direct sunlight and vigorously handling your scalp.

2– Follow an anti-infection routine

Risk of infection is not a risk that is exclusive to hair transplants. Any surgical procedure or process that requires opening or breaking the skin imposes a threat of a serious microbial invasion. Luckily, Vera Clinic has your back and always will, check our post on avoiding infection!

3– PRP therapy

If people become familiar with the perks of PRP hair treatment, it would be the go-to remedy for almost everything. PRP therapy uses your own blood to extract growth factors. Growth factors, are as the name suggests, proteins that bind to cells and promotes proliferation and cellular growth. In several studies, it was concluded that hair loss cases share a common trait and it is decreased VE growth factor production. It so happens that PRP therapy is rich in this particular growth factor.

It is ideal to couple hair transplants with PRP therapy to have completed exogenous and endogenous hair care.

4– Nutritious diet

Hair growth depends as well on our diets and degree of nutritiousness. For better results, particularly in the case of sensitive follicular units, you should put emphasis and care on the food you eat. It is fairly simple, but if you are incapable of managing this, you can turn to multivitamin pills.

Bottom line

To optimize your hair transplant results, you should follow a healthy diet, abide by aftercare instructions, and adhere to an anti-infection routine. Along with PRP therapy, its guaranteed your strands will receive the boost they need to grow.

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